An opinionated framework for creating React + Nodejs apps and APIs.

The Approach

Reactium follows Domain Drive Design (DDD) and aims to ease the creation of complex applications by connecting the related pieces of the software into an ever-evolving model. DDD focuses on three core principles:

  1. Focus on the core domain and domain logic:
    Spend less time on the framework and more time on the features.
  2. Base complex designs on models of the domain:
    Use the domain models to drive your features and rely on the predictability of each domain to determine velocity and efficiency.
  3. Constantly collaborate with domain experts:
    In order to improve the application model and resolve any emerging domain-related issues, keep the core domain in mind and learn other domains as they emerge.


  • Fast Local Development Workflow:
    Javascript tooling is hard, laborious, and annoying. We’ve spent a lot of time working through dozens of "what if..." scenarios to deliver a minimal pain dev workflow!
  • Built-in Design System:
    No need to have a separate design system like Pattern Lab or Storybook.
  • Easy API building:
    Build a headless application or content management API!
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  • Robust Command Line Interface:
    Reactium heavily relies on boiler-plated code to normalize and ease the dev workflow. Creating a component or a design system element can be done with the stroke of a few keys. No need to memorize all the commands, use--flags or follow prompts. You can even customize the CLI by replacing or creating your own commands.
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  • Easy Deployment:
    Reactium creates a Node server for both front-end and server side rendering making it easy to deploy to the host of your choice. We even have a docker setup included for you dev-opers.
  • Single Page App or Isolated Component Development:
    Build anything from a full website to a single component and package for distribution.
  • Built-in Redux Support:
    Learning Redux can be hard.
    Sure you might have the basics down but building an application with it can quickly escalate to frustration and nightmares. Our simple Redux pattern makes it super easy to build stateful applications.
  • Built-in React Router Support:
    Build routed websites in a single application with no additional setup. Learn more about React Router
  • Plugin Architecture:
    Dynamic composition where there's no need to hard code import statements through out your codebase. Simply renderingzones, register components, add hooks, plugin modules and more!
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